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Bryggeriet’s high school is located in Malmö, Sweden. Our Arts Program contains all the mandatory high school subjects and a degree from Bryggeriet results in a high school diploma preparing students for higher education. The school has profiles that make us unique: skateboarding, art, photo and film.

Perhaps you have heard of the school or some of our former students? Our alumni tend to move all over the world and do great things.

We are very proud of our school and humbled by the fact that we get international attention. We value our voice in skateboarding, art and education highly. We are eager to share our story and are always interested in partaking in film- and media projects of all kinds. Please let us know if you have ideas!

Still we regret to inform all international applicants that we can only accept students from the Nordic countries. There are two reasons for this: all our education is in Swedish and a treaty between the Scandinavian countries allows for Nordic students only.


There are a couple of articles and films that give further input to the philosophy and teaching about the school. See links below:

About teaching:

Skate video:

Tony Hawk visit


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Ystadvägen 44, 214 45 Malmö

Buss: Linje 2 mot Kastanjegården,
hpl Musikhögskolan
eller Linje 32 mot Käglinge
hpl Musikhögskolan

Terminens hållpunkter

Höstterminen 2023 22/8 – 22/12
Höstlov, v 44 30/10 – 3/11

Vårterminen 2024 8/1 – 5/6
Sportlov, v. 8 19/2 – 23/2
Påsklov, v. 13 25 /3 – 1/4
Första Maj 1/5
Kristi himmelsfärd 9/5 – 10/5
Nationaldagen 6/6

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